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User Reviews Of SIM only contracts from Orange

At SIM Contracts we really value what our visitors have to say and we think it’s hugely helpful for you if you’re thinking of taking out a SIM only contract to understand what existing customers say about their deal and their network. This page is specifically for customers of and visitors interested in Orange SIM only contracts. We hope you find the user reviews below helpful and if you’re an existing Orange customer we’d love you to submit your thoughts on them at the bottom of the page.

Please see below for user reviews of Orange SIM only and scroll to the bottom to submit your own review.If leaving a review, please leave a mark out of ten and when we have enough we will publish average scores for each network.

Customer Reviews

2 Responses “Orange SIM Only Contracts User Reviews”
  1. Nick G says:

    Good network, good value, good customer service, what more could you ask for 9/10

  2. Chris Bradfield says:

    Orange Wednesday’s

    I’m happy enough with my Orange contract generally (although I’d like a bigger data package for my iPhone as I always feel like I’m watching my usage) but the thing I really love is Orange Wednesday’s. The cinema has got so expensive these days (especially if you’re buying popcorn and drinks) so getting two for one tickets is brilliant, we go every couple of weeks and it makes my contract pay for itself in money saved at the cinema.

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