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At SIM Contracts we really value what our visitors have to say and we think it’s hugely helpful for you if you’re thinking of taking out a SIM only contract to understand what existing customers say about their deal and their network. This page is specifically for customers of and visitors interested in O2 SIM only contracts. We hope you find the user reviews below helpful and if you’re an existing O2 customer we’d love you to submit your thoughts on them at the bottom of the page.

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4 Responses “O2 SIM Only User Reviews”
  1. Bob Wilson says:

    Bill Shock

    I was an O2 customer for years, having worked for them 4-5 years ago and stayed on as a customer but I left last year to go to Three because I got a massive bill (over £100) for data usage when I changed my phone to a smart phone. Basically I had a SIM only contract with O2 but it had very little inclusive data (I think 100mb) and I used loads of data in a month and got hit with the giant bill.I was not happy is the politest way I can put it and I immediately quit my contract and when to Three to get an unlimited internet deal for the same price. I was really annoyed with O2 at the time but having worked for them I do strangely enough still have a soft spot for them and I do recognise it was kind of my fault for using more data than I realised. I’d still rate them 7/10 but be sure to know what your allowances are (especially data) and don’t go over them.

  2. Johnny M says:

    Great For Music Fans

    I love O2, most because of the O2 arena. Getting priority tickets and getting into the VIP bars at the arena are massive, massive perks. There’s not much to choose between the networks generally but this is huge advantage O2 have for music fans. I’ll certainly be staying with them for this reason alone 10/10

  3. Leicester Fan says:

    I joined O2 because most of my mates were on O2 and they’re no better or worse than the rest. Getting free calls to other O2 numbers is great because it keeps my bills down but I could take or leave any of the networks, I only really care about getting a good value contract.

  4. Jackie says:

    Been with O2 on a one month rolling sim only contract for some time now. I also have the unlimited data bolt on. Coverage is ok and some of the offers from O2 are worth having. I’m going to Spain later in the year the call charges back to the UK are pretty reasonable. I used to be on Vodafone PAYG but the sim only contract works out cheaper and without the hassle of topping up the credit. Dont know much about the other networks but O2 works for me.

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