Top Deals

Top Deals

SIM only contracts offer great value for money and this page shows all the top deals available in the market right now. At SIM Contracts we compare every SIM only deal available in the UK so you can quickly and easily find the deal for you. Simply use the table below to compare contracts or click the more info buttons to find out more.

2,000 Minutes
5,000 Texts
Unlimited Data
1 Month
£25.00 pr month
Three SIM Contracts Logo
£6.902005,000500mb12 monthsmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£9.902005,000500mb1 monthmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo
£10.501005,0000mb12 months250 Bonus T-Mobile to T-Mobile minutesmore info
Vodafone SIM Contracts Logo
£11300500250mb1 monthSave £2 per month with a 12 month contract (£9)more info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£12.906005,0001gb12 monthsmore info
O2 SIM Contracts Logo
£13.50300Unlimited100mb12 months500 bonus O2 to O2 minutesmore info
Orange SIM Contracts Logo
£15.50600Unlimited500mb12 months2-4-1 Cinema With Orange Wednesdaysmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£15.906005,000Unlimited12 months
Vodafone SIM Contracts Logo
£23UnlimitedUnlimited1gb1 month750MB BT Openzone WiFi Accessmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£252,0005,000Unlimited1 month5,000 Bonus Three to Three minutes
O2 SIM Contracts Logo
£26UnlimitedUnlimited1gb12 monthsmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo
£31UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited12 monthsmore info

Top Deals On SIM Only Contracts

SIM Only contracts offer a great opportunity to save money compared to ‘traditional’ mobile phone contracts. Because there is no inclusive mobile phone for the network to pay for they are able to offer more minutes, texts and inclusive data for less money. Perfect for customers who are already happy with their existing mobile phone but want to save money on their contract. We compare all the SIM only contracts in the UK on but this page specifically features the very best value, the crème de la crème of our top picks to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right deal.

Inclusive Allowances

Before choosing a SIM only deal, remember to think through your regular mobile phone usage. How many calls do you plan to make and to whom? (many networks now give lots of extra free minutes to call other numbers on their own network). Are you a heavy texter who will benefit from an unlimited text package? Do you plan to use lots of data to access the Internet, send emails or stream media? Once you know what kind of usage you want it’s then about getting the right balance between price, service and any inclusive extras that might interest you.

Contract Length

Another important thing to think about is the length of contract that you’re prepared to sign up for. Initially most SIM only deals were one month rolling contracts, meaning that you could leave at any time with just one months notice. There are still plenty of great value one month deals out there but the networks naturally enough want to entice you to stay for longer and if you are prepared to sign up to a longer deal (usually 12 months in this case) you will usually get a larger monthly allowance or a lower price for the same package. As with everything else it’s about deciding what matters most to you, value or flexibility, and then making your decision. It may also be worth noting that Vodafone offer compromise deals of three month rolling deals which might strike the right balance between the two.

Which Network

Just as important is the decision on which network to go for. Here you need to think about your local network coverage, how important great customer service is to you (especially if it’s a trade off against great value as it so often is), what networks your friends and family use and if and how much you value other benefits such as 2-4-1 cinema with Orange Wednesday’s, access to VIP tickets or O2 perks. Generally Three and T-Mobile on average tend to have the best value deals whilst O2, Orange and Vodafone trade on the strengths of their networks, customer service and added perks.