iPhone Sim Deals

iPhone SIM Deals

When buying a SIM only contract for an iPhone you need to ensure you order a deal with a compatable micro SIM. Below are the very best iPhone SIM deals available in the market today. Use the table on this page to compare deals and simply click the more info buttons to learn more or to buy now.

2,000 Minutes
5,000 Texts
Unlimited Data
12 Months
£15 a month
Three SIM Contracts Logo£152,0005,000Unlimited12 months5,000 bonus Three to Three minutesmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£9.902005,000500mb1 monthmore info
O2 SIM Contracts Logo£11300Unlimited250mb12 monthsmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£12.906005,0001gb12 monthsmore info
Orange SIM Contracts Logo£16.002,000Unlimited500mb12 months2-4-1 Cinema With Orange Wednesdaysmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£182,0005,000Unlimited1 month5,000 bonus 3 to 3 Minutesmore info
O2 SIM Contracts Logo£26UnlimitedUnlimited1gb12 monthsmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£262,0005,000Unlimited1 monthUnlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
Vodafone SIM Contracts Logo£26UnlimitedUnlimited6gb12 months750mb BT Openzone WiFi Accessmore info

Top Deals On SIM Only Contracts For iPhone

As the Apple iPhone has grown more and more popular over the last few years, there are more and more people out there looking for a great SIM only deal to use with them, either because they have an older model which is now out of contract, or increasingly, because they have opted to buy their iPhone SIM free so they can then take out a much better value SIM only contract to use with it.

iPhones have dominated the mobile market for several years now, consistently winning award after award and remaining by far the best selling mobile in the UK. But one thing that can’t have escaped anyone’s attention is that iPhone deals tend to be horrendously expensive – typically the monthly price of a contract is much higher than for other phones, often the minutes, texts and especially data allowances are reduced and usually there is still a high upfront charge for the iPhone itself. It’s a great scenario for both Apple and the mobile networks who know that loyal customers are prepared to pay a premium for the latest and greatest iPhone but it is far from great for us, the humble customers, who pay through the nose. Enter SIM only as a solution to the problem.

SIM only contracts offer great value for money because the networks don’t have to subsidise the cost of the mobile phones themselves, and as iPhones tend to be the most expensive mobiles out there, the savings are greatest on iPhone SIM deals – often many hundreds of pounds over the lifetime of a typical 24 month contract.

As well as reduced cost though the other big advantage is that you tend to get much higher allowances on minutes, texts and data. Data in particular is a big deal for iPhone users who often find the fairly stingy typical inclusive allowances on their contracts are not enough and this can lead to unpleasant bill shock as they exceed their allowances and find themselves paying high rates per megabyte. The alternative is to spend a lot of time and attention monitoring your usage and adapting it accordingly – hardly the ideal of the internet at your fingertips. Many SIM only deals include much higher data allowances, often to the extent of unlimited data, which can make a big difference to your bills and experience. We’ve pulled together the best iPhone specific deals on this page but if you don’t find what the perfect plan for you please feel free to browse all the other deals pages on the site where we compare every UK SIM only deal.

One thing you must remember is to order the right kind of SIM card with your deal. New iPhones use a physically smaller SIM known as a micro sim and a standard size SIM card won’t work with them. Older iPhones (3Gs and earlier) use a standard sized SIM so feel free to order any regular SIM only deal for these older models.