Best For Data

Best For Data

This page helps you quickly and easily find the best value SIM only contracts for you if internet access is your main concern. These contracts offer unlimited or high amounts of data for a great price. Simply use the table below to compare the deals and click the more info buttons to find out more or buy now from the providers.

600 Minutes
5,000 Texts
Unlimited Data
12 Months
£15.90 pr month
Three SIM Contracts Logo£6.902005,000500mb12 monthsmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£12.902005,000Unlimited1 monthmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£12.906005,0001gb12 monthsmore info
Orange SIM Contracts Logo£15.50600Unlimited500mb12 months2-4-1 Cinema With Orange Wednesdaysmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£15.503005,000750mb12 months500 bonus T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£15.501005,000750mb1 month250 bonus T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£15.906005,000Unlimited12 monthsmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£18.906005,000Unlimited1 monthmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£20.506005,000750mb12 months500 bonus T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£20.503005,000750mb1 month500 bonus T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
Three SIM Contracts Logo£252,0005,000Unlimited1 month5,000 bonus 3 to 3 Minutesmore info
O2 SIM Contracts Logo£26UnlimitedUnlimited1gb12 monthsmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£262,0005,000Unlimited1 monthUnlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutesmore info
O2 SIM Contracts Logo£31UnlimitedUnlimited2gb12 monthsmore info
T-Mobile SIM Contracts Logo£31UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited12 monthsmore info

SIM Only Contracts With Great Data Plans

SIM only plans are excellent for, flexibility, for saving money and for getting great allowances in your contract. Increasingly one of the most important aspects for many customers is the internet or data allowance included in the deal. This page showcases the very best SIM contracts for those looking for a great data plan. All the contracts on this page have either a large data allowance or, increasingly, include unlimited internet.

Before selecting a plan it is important to consider how much data you will need and this will depend very much on the type of device you have and how you intend to use it. For customers looking to browse the Internet, send emails and occasionally watch the odd video a relatively modest allowance of 500mb to 1gb is probably enough although you should be vary of overcharges if you do exceed the limit. For heavier data users including those who wish to download music, video or attachments on the move, pick up push email and use data intensive apps like sat nav, especially if you are using a smartphone such an iPhone or an Android mobile, it is generally better to go for an unlimited internet package.

Unlimited Data obviously means that you can access the Internet whenever you like but the big advantage is not needing to worry about exceeding your allowance and potentially run up large bills and not having to adjust your usage accordingly. Another great feature of some providers such as Three is that they allow what is known as tethering of your data package which means that you can use your phone as a portable wifi network and access the Internet on other devices such as a laptop or tablet.

If data use is your thing you should also think carefully about the strength of the 3G coverage of the network you are considering. It’s all very well having an unlimited allowance but if you get no or slow coverage it’s not particularly useful. In general the Orange / T-Mobile tie up an Three in particular have the largest 3G networks and tend to give the strongest signal but coverage varies enormously depending on where you intend to use your mobile and you should check the coverage maps or the signal a friend or family member gets where you expect to use the phone most often.

One more important thing to consider is that data packages, including unlimited Internet, only cover your usage in the UK and you can rack up a large bill very quickly indeed if you use a lot of data abroad so remember that ‘unlimited’ only means unlimited in the UK.